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Ever since Christy Brunke won a Butterball turkey in a short story contest in sixth grade, she’s dreamed of penning novels. But first the Lord led her on other adventures.

She earned a degree in English and writing. She moved to China to study Mandarin and teach at a university. She returned to the States to attend seminary and teach drama and music. 

Then God called her to Chicago to work at a multi-site church where she fell in love with a zany youth pastor

After they got married, a story grew in her heart, one she felt compelled to share. Now was the time to pursue that long-delayed dream.

snow-out-of-season-front-finalThree months after her second daughter was born, she entered her manuscript in the Operation First Novel contest. In January 2015, Jerry Jenkins announced her story was a winner.

In November, the Library Journal named Snow Out of Season the Christian Fiction Debut of the Month. By January, it topped Amazon bestseller lists

Christy now lives in Maryland with her husband, Mark, and their two adorable daughters. When she’s not at church or with her family, you can often find her blogging, writing articles, or dreaming up her next story.


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