An Interview with Bestselling Author Sandra Byrd

Last month, I reviewed Sandra Byrd's newest historical fiction novel, A Lady in Disguise. This week, I have the privilege of asking her several questions that have been burning in my heart. Sandra, what do you think compels novelists to write the books they do? I don’t know that I can speak for all novelists, but I think many of us write about things and eras in which we are interested. I have loved reading books set in England since I was a young teenager, and have enjoyed both Tudor and Victorian books since that time. So, it was with both pleasure and trepidation that I thought I’d turn my hand toward trying a few of my own! I wanted to stay true to the era and genre, but also add a perspective or insight that had not been fully explored. Perhaps the most fear-inspiring task in my career was to write in the voice of Queen Elizabeth 1! However, it was also truly satisfying, professionally. Historical books require a lot of research, so we spend a lot of time with that research, poking around not only to get things right but to turn over undiscovered gems. If you’re writing ... [ read more ]

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