Lyme Disease: Our Story

What are your greatest fears? Since we moved to Maryland in May 2015, one of mine has been that my husband, daughters, or I would get Lyme disease. We had traded the cold, crime, and bad traffic of Chicago for an adversary the size of a sesame seed. How could we fight a foe we could barely see? As you may know, Lyme disease is spread through the bite of infected blacklegged ticks. Also known as "deer ticks," these bugs are much smaller than other ticks. Depending on the stage of their development, they range in size from a pinhead to an apple seed. But the damage they cause can be life-changing. Our neighbor had to retire early and still suffers from pain in his back and knees. A sweet friend from church struggles with brain fog, debilitating fatigue, and physical limitations. Combined, these problems led to her having to go on disability. In both their cases, they had Lyme disease for years before it was diagnosed. And untreated Lyme disease can ... [ read more ]

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