A Once-in-a-Lifetime Friend

Once or twice in a lifetime, you might meet a friend who rivals the relationship Anne of Green Gables has with Diana Barry. A friend who celebrates your wins and mourns your losses with more enthusiasm than you do. Who brings life to everything and everyone around her. Who is so unique and incredible that she inspires a beloved character in a bestselling novel. A friend who asks if she can come over when she's already parked outside. Who makes everything more fun. Who intervenes when you're being too much of a perfectionist. A friend who helps bring you together with your one true love. Who is more passionate about planning your wedding than you are. Who recommends Rose of Sharon seeds as your favors and later discovers they grow into 10-foot-high shrubs that multiply profusely. A friend who loves to help you decorate your starter home and becomes ecstatic when you find your ... [ read more ]

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Pregnancy Center Swinging Back at Big Abortion in Orlando

Without vision, the people perish. With vision, Choices Women’s Clinic is taking giant steps toward their goal: saving 11,000 babies every year in Orlando, Florida. Vicky Botsford, their executive director since January 2015, knows the pain of abortion firsthand. “It …[ read more ]

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Same Mission, New Look for Colorado Pregnancy Center

What’s in a name? Apparently, the ability to minister to more people. Founded in 1989 at the foothills of the Rocky Mountains in Evergreen, Colorado Mountain Area Pregnancy Center is now going by its new name—Life’s Options Pregnancy Center—which leaders …[ read more ]

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Canadian Center Looking Ahead to New Season of Growth

An outreach in Ontario, Canada, that specializes in helping single moms create homes of their own is currently on the hunt for a home of its own. Founded in 2006, First Steps Options offers pregnancy testing and help with the decision-making …[ read more ]

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Maternity Home Forging a Bridge of Hope for Single Moms

Every year, one in 30 U.S. children faces homelessness. Eighty percent of those families are headed by a single mother. With one maternity home each in Indiana and the Canadian province of Alberta, Bridge of Hope is looking ahead to …[ read more ]

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