Modern-day saints meet suffering, their Savior, and–sometimes–the supernatural.

Sooner or later, we all lose someone we love. Maybe the person closest to us. Maybe early in our lives, or theirs. Loss and grief have immeasurable power—to draw us into darkness or deliver us into a higher purpose.

For those who follow Christ, loss will, ideally, point us back to the cross and its redemptive edge. If we’re willing to tread on that edge, it’s where we often meet our legacy.

In When Losses Become Legacies, Christy Brunke and Kristina Cowan share profound stories of personal loss. The path through tragedy differs for each mourner. Yet the Christ-follower encounters a universal truth: Our Redeemer doesn’t unravel the mystery of suffering. Instead, he lights our way through it.

It might feel like a dimly lit, confounding stretch of time. As we persevere, we scratch the surface of God’s love for us and tap into his endless reservoir of hope. Our character grows. Sharpened by our scars and rooted in our faith, we just might find our enduring legacy.

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