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My second book, When Losses Become Legacies: Memoirs on Grief, God, and Glory, is now available! Click here to order or learn more! Read on to enter our book giveaway! Accolades from Other Authors "A type of resurrection awaits you in these pages." ~Dr. Mollie Bond, professor, nonprofit professional, and author of Hopelessly Hopeful During Separation "Brunke and Cowan guide readers through a deep labyrinth of life's grief and gloom, up toward a horizon of hope—Jesus' empty tomb. When Losses Become Legacies offers a touching anthology of tragedies, delivering a peace that passes understanding." ~Eric T. Eichinger, senior pastor of Bethel Lutheran Church, Clearwater, Florida, and award-winning author of Lord of Legends and The Final Race "Through true-life stories ranging from postpartum depression to grief associated with the loss of a relationship, a loved one, a dream, and beyond, these authors weave the silver and gold of hope and healing through Jesus Christ into otherwise dark and dismal landscapes. I recommend this jewel box of a book to anyone who has found themselves in a dark valley and in need of light." ~Linda Brooks Davis, award-winning author of The Calling of Ella McFarland "The personal and heartfelt testimonies in When ... [ read more ]

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When Losses Become Legacies: Coming Soon!

For the last six years, people have been asking, “When’s your next book coming out?” I can finally say, “Soon!” When Losses Become Legacies features nine memoirs–creatively told–about grief, God, and glory. In these true stories, modern-day saints meet suffering, …[ read more ]

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