Snow Out of Season: The Story behind the Story

From time to time, people ask me when I decided to become a writer and how I came up with the idea for Snow Out of Season. My Earliest Muses When I was born, my parents named me Christy after the bestselling novel of the same name. You might say Catherine Marshall and her famous heroine were my first muses. (Tweet that!) But as long as I can remember, I’ve always loved reading, especially fiction. As a little girl, I was always dreaming up stories. I remember going into a patch of woods near our house and pretending I was the queen of a small kingdom. In sixth grade, I won a short story contest and started dreaming of penning novels and memoirs. But first the Lord led me on other adventures. I completed a bachelor of arts in English and moved to China to study Mandarin and teach at a university. Then I returned to the States to attend seminary, direct school musicales, and work at a church. As a teen and young adult, I longed for a God-scripted love story. I devoured books like Elisabeth Elliot's Quest for Love and Passion & Purity. Realizing my Creator knew me better than anyone, and knew every man as well, I asked ... [ read more ]

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New Lyme Disease Website:!

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