Last Chance to Win an Autographed Book!

This month, we've been celebrating the first birthday of my second book with giveaways. This week's your last chance to win an autographed book! Our Third and Final Theme: Book Reviews Book reviews are akin to manna for authors and readers alike. They help readers determine whether a title is worth their time and attention. For authors, they drive visibility and sales. According to AMZScout, "On average, positive reviews increase sales by 20%." I was recently delighted to discover that my first book has 127 Amazon ratings! Here's the most recent review: So powerful This is one of the best books I have ever read, actually I have read it twice. I cried so hard, for me to cry is really saying something. It is truly a life giving book! Thank you to all my readers who have taken the time out of your busy lives to write a review. Personally, it means so much to me. Plus, it helps other readers discover Snow Out of Season. This week’s giveaway aims to garner more reviews for my latest book, When Losses Become Legacies. How to Win an Autographed Book Subscribe to this blog (if you’re not already) or follow me on ... [ read more ]

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Three Chances to Win an Autographed Book!

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Comfort for Those Who Have Suffered Loss

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Win an E-book for a Loved One!

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