1. My name is Pat Stroud, I live in Devonshire and am an amateur historian and writer. SOme years ago I was researching the story of Eric Liddell and a woman called Katherine Jowett, a Devonian who was a missionary in China as was Liddell. It is interesting that they both were in the same Japanese POW camp at Weihsien side by side in fact in Blocks 23 and 24. I do not have definitive proof that they knew one another, but I suspect that they may have crossed paths. I am back writing again after a bit of a health problem and hope to submit an article about this fascinating connection to a local magazine and wondered if I may have permission to use the picture of Liddell’s daughters as copyright is a nightmare. Thank you for your help
    Regards,Pat Stroud

    • Hi, Pat! 🙂 I’m so sorry that I’m just responding to your message now!!! 🙁 Please forgive me. I think I saw the beginning of your message pop up on my phone last year, but I never got to finish reading it and forgot that I never responded. 🙁 In any case, I’m friends with Eric Eichinger, but I’m not sure where I got the picture of him and Liddell’s daughters from. I think it was on the website he and Howie Klausner had made to promote the upcoming film, but now it seems they’re going in a different direction with the film, so the website doesn’t seem to be there anymore. I messaged Eric and am waiting to hear back from him. By the way, the story of Katherine Jowett sounds intriguing! Did you ever write that article about her?

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