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Welcome, friends! I’m blessed to be a mom, a pastor’s wife, and the bestselling author of the fictional book, Snow out of Season. But my greatest claim to fame comes from being a child of the King. Because of that, I’m passionate about my family, unborn children, and God-written love stories. Though I used to live in China, now I love serving in ministry here in Maryland. Praying you’ll be blessed as you read my blogs, my story, and my award-winning novel!

Last Chance to Win an Autographed Book!

This month, we’ve been celebrating the first birthday of my second book with giveaways. This week’s your last chance to win an autographed book!

Our Third and Final Theme: Book Reviews

Snow Out of Season novel by Christy BrunkeBook reviews are akin to manna for authors and readers alike. They help readers determine whether a title is worth their time and attention. For authors, they drive visibility and sales.

According to AMZScout, “On average, positive reviews increase sales by 20%.”

I was recently delighted to discover that my first book has 127 Amazon ratings! Here’s the most recent review:

So powerful

This is one of the best books I have ever read, actually I have read it twice. I cried so hard, for me to cry is really saying something. It is truly a life giving book!

Thank you to all my readers who have taken the time out of your busy lives to write a review. Personally, it means so much to me. Plus, it helps other readers discover Snow Out of Season. This week’s giveaway aims to garner more reviews for my latest book, When Losses Become Legacies.

Last chance to win an autographed book griefHow to Win an Autographed Book

  1. Subscribe to this blog (if you’re not already) or follow me on Facebook or Instagram.
  2. Share this blog or my co-author’s Instagram post.
  3. Comment with the word “giveaway” below or on my co-author’s Instagram post.

Our contest closes this Sunday, May 28. If you win, you’ll read When Losses Become Legacies (if you haven’t already) then review it on Goodreads or Amazon. Want your name entered in the drawing twice? Write a review before Memorial Day.

Who’s This? Last Week’s Contest Winner

The winner of our “Who’s This?” contest is Patti Krueger Albright. As she correctly answered, the man pictured in last week’s blog is painter Albrecht Durer. Praying Hands, his famous pen-and-ink drawing, appears in a memoir in our book about grief.

Want to buy or borrow When Losses Become Legacies? Click here. Already read it and want to review it, so your name gets entered twice? Click here. You just might win an autographed book for yourself or a friend or family member.

Who’s This? Enter to Win a Book!

This week, we continue celebrating the one-year anniversary of When Losses Become Legacies! The deadline for the first book giveaway has passed, but two more are coming up this Sunday and next. Keep reading to discover last week’s winner as well as how to enter to win a book in this week’s contest.

Who's This? Enter to Win an Autographed Book


Last Week’s Giveaway Quotes and Winner

In honor of Mother’s Day, last week’s giveaway focused on honoring our mothers. My co-author and I asked entrants to submit sentences that captured their moms. Here are some of the responses we received via Facebook and Instagram:

“MY MOM IS ADVENTUROUS!” ~Lynn Blatzheim

“She made you feel like you were the only person in the room.” ~Leesa Thacker Payne

“I was an oops baby, yet my mother was caring, disciplined and loving and shared so much of her talents with me from cooking to sewing to crafts.” ~Janis Schaefer Reggio

“My Mother defied the boundaries of love, creating a universe where anything was possible!” ~Sheila Robertson

“Gone.” ~Sammy Bateman

“My mother was a great loving person. Her children were her first interest. She loved God and the world.” ~Virginia Woodard

“ONE WORD …………………………. SPONTANEOUS!” ~Lynn Blatzheim

“My Mom was strong, loving, always putting us three children ahead of herself, raising us mostly on her own as a single, divorced lady all the while instilling within us God’s grace, mercies, and love.” ~Juli Hawkins

Thank you so much, ladies, for sharing about your extra-special mamas! And the winner is . . . Juli Hawkins!

Juli, message me your address, and my co-author will send you your autographed book!

Who’s This? Enter to Win a Book!

This week’s giveaway challenges you to name the person in the picture below and how he’s related to our book. Enter by this Sunday, May 21, through commenting on this blog or on one of my Facebook or Instagram posts.

Who's This? Enter to Win an Autographed Book

Three Chances to Win an Autographed Book!

This month, my second book—When Losses Become Legacies—turns one! To celebrate, my co-author and I are offering you three chances to win an autographed book. Each giveaway centers on a theme that requires your feedback. In honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday, the first theme recognizes our moms.

Denise Litzau Michaela Brunke Christy Brunke Angelina Brunke

Me with my mom and daughters seven years ago. Photo by Ben Stafford.

Three Opportunities to Win an Autographed Book

May 14: Honoring Mom

Submit one sentence that captures your mom.

May 21: Who’s That?

Name the person in an image we’ll share and explain how he or she is related to our book of memoirs.

May 28: Write a Review

If you win, you’ll let us know what you think of Legacies on Goodreads or Amazon. (We’ll follow up with you once you read the book.) Want your name entered twice? Write a review on Goodreads or Amazon by May 28.

Below and in future blogs, I’ll give more information about each upcoming giveaway. I’ll also announce the winners of the previous ones. Keep reading to learn more about the first opportunity to win!

A Giveaway to Honor Mom

This week’s contest honors our moms. Between now and Mother’s Day, submit one sentence that captures your mama. Whether she’s here or on the other side of time, we want to hear about her distinctive qualities. To enter, comment below or on my Facebook or Instagram posts. Then like my Facebook or Instagram post and share it with a friend. I’ll announce the winner next week.

A Giveaway to Honor Mom win a book

Legacies is a compilation of memoirs that hinges on the soul-stretching power of grief, how it brings us closer to God, and the role it all plays in glory. Find it in print or as an eBook in many online stores. You can also borrow the eBook on Hoopla or Libby!

Click here to buy or borrow Legacies!


Comfort for Those Who Have Suffered Loss

Have you or a loved one suffered loss and need comfort? According to Steve Abel, you should read When Losses Become Legacies. I’m delighted to announce that he won the e-book giveaway and will receive a free copy of our book to give to a loved one! Here’s his five-star Amazon review:

Uplifting Comfort for Anyone Who Has Suffered Loss

Uplifting comfort for loss: When Losses Become Legacies

First, I must admit that I’m not an avid reader. But the title of the book, When Losses Become Legacies: Memoirs on Grief, God, and Glory, peaked my interest. After picking up the book, I found that I could not put it down. I realize that people often say that, but it’s true. It’s a short book, and a very easy read.

This book is an account of personal experiences about dealing and suffering from loss, deaths of friends and relatives, along with the ever presence of God in those lives. These beautiful stories, written by two authors, who have been best friends for practically a lifetime, make you feel the passion they have, not only for story telling, but the heart they have for others, along with their love of Jesus.

Everyone we know has suffered from the death of a loved one: a parent, grandparent, aunt, uncle, child, relative or friend. When reading this book, you will be blessed to get to know the people in these stories. By no way is this book a downer. Instead, I can easily relate to what the authors have gone through, which greatly uplifted me. To God be the Glory! Put this book in your Amazon cart right now, and check it out. You will be incredibly blessed.

Our Interview on Step into the Light!

Way back when Snow Out of Season (my novel) was released, Patti Shene interviewed me on her show on Blog Talk Radio. Recently, I had the pleasure of being a guest on her show again, this time with Kristina Cowan about our second book! Click here to listen in!

Win an E-book for a Loved One!

Win When Losses Become Legacies e-book BrunkeWant to win an e-book for a grieving friend, neighbor, or family member? Follow the steps below for a chance to win!

1) If you haven’t already, read our short book, When Losses Become Legacies: Memoirs on Grief, God, and Glory.

2) Review it on Amazon here.

3) Comment below by April 10.

4) Winner announced here on April 11!

Want examples of reviews for When Losses Become Legacies? Read excerpts from endorsements by pastors, a counselor, and other authors here. Read excerpts from five-star Amazon reviews here and below.


Changed my grief into gratitude

This book was a game changer for me. I was feeling a lot of grief, confusion and guilt after my husband passed away. Multiple people recommended this book to me and I’m glad I read it. It helped me change my perspective on my situation, and provided me with an understanding of how God can turn your tragedies into triumphs.

When I finally finish reading the book, I felt like a weight had been lifted off my shoulders. A weight I didn’t realize I had been carrying. I gifted my copy to my pastor so they would be able to utilize this book to help others. If you have experienced a loss, don’t hesitate. Get this book!

After less than 30 pages I was seeing parallels to my own experiences

Reeling from a tragic loss. My elderly uncle turned into traffic, tragically his bride of 65 years was killed. I purchased this book to send to him for comfort. Deciding to read it first so we could relate I was Blessed before page 30 by these stories of faith and loss and Redemption. Highly recommend to anyone who’s been affected by loss.

Uplifting Comfort for Anyone Who Has Suffered Loss

First, I must admit that I’m not an avid reader. But the title of the book, When Losses Become Legacies: Memoirs on Grief, God, and Glory, peaked my interest. After picking up the book, I found that I could not put it down. I realize that people often say that, but it’s true. It’s a short book, and a very easy read. Put this book in your Amazon cart right now, and check it out. You will be incredibly blessed.


Ready to write your own review and possibly win an e-book for a loved one? Click here. Need help posting it? See the steps below.

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