Grace in Strange Disguise: A Book Review

Grace in Strange Disguise quote by Christine DillonGod’s grace sometimes comes in strange disguise.

“She was only twenty-eight. How could she have cancer? This wasn’t what she’d been promised. Or, what she’d been raised to expect. Hadn’t her father always preached that those who have faith would be protected from the problems that plague other people?”

In Christine Dillon’s debut novel, she tackles these questions with grace and grit. Her response goes beyond our sometimes painful present to impact lives for eternity.


Esther Macdonald seems to have it all: a fulfilling career, an attractive fiancé, and a respected role at her dad’s megachurch. But then she’s diagnosed with stage three breast cancer just weeks before her wedding.

When she’s not miraculously healed before her mastectomy, she hurls questions at her Creator. “Did God even care? Or did he sit up there and move the chess pieces where he wanted, regardless of the pain it caused?”

Then a cleaning lady’s comment causes Esther to question everything her dad teaches. She searches the Scriptures for herself and begins a fresh journey with the Jesus of the Bible. But this new understanding drives a wedge between Esther and her dad, her fiancé, and even her church. Will she have the courage to follow in her Savior’s footsteps, no matter the cost?

My Thoughts

Grace in Strange Disguise novel by Christine DillonGrace in Strange Disguise gripped me from the prologue to the resolution. With real emotion, powerful prose, and thought-provoking storytelling, the pages passed by with pleasure.

As I’ve seen in my life and that of my loved ones, God’s grace often does come in strange disguise. (Tweet that!)

But what I liked most about Dillon’s story is how it’s inspiring me on my mission to become a wiser soul-winner. I’m waiting with eager anticipation to read the next installment in Esther’s story.

I would recommend this novel to people who are suffering and Christians who are longing to become bolder evangelists.

Want to learn more about Christine Dillon and what inspired her to write Grace in Disguise? Check out our interview here!


22 thoughts on “Grace in Strange Disguise: A Book Review

  1. If that review is anything to go by the book sounds incredible for all Christians at all stages. Suffering is a big part of living in this broken world, whether you are facing suffering or a friend is, being remind of Jesus and his truths is always the best option.

  2. Found it very helpful and interesting to read the whole story . I am now faced with a dear christian friend facing stage 4 cancer and I must admit I am troubled over it. Very good blog!

  3. A good review of what to expect from the book. I like that the conflict with the church and her pastor dad comes out in the story. Will be interesting to read because I believe in healing but sometimes we just have to fight our way to accept God’s grace no matter what happens.

  4. After reading many reviews of Christine’s new book, I am intrigued as to what the story is about and I would love to be encouraged to be bolder in my bible storytelling and evangelism.

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