Boundary Building for Sensitive Souls

Boundary Building for Sensitive Souls and Selfless Givers

Image by Ulrike Leone from Pixabay

Do you have the biggest heart around? Does your sensitive soul sometimes work against you? Is boundary building a foreign—or frightening—concept?

I know it’s been awhile since I’ve blogged here. Click here to discover why. I’m writing today to encourage you to attend Boundary Building for Sensitive Souls and Selfless Givers! 

This fun, uplifting, and interactive workshop is hosted by my friend Renée Burkett. My husband, Mark, and I will also be speaking. Mark your calendars for this Saturday, September 26 from 1:00 to 4:00 p.m!

Join us for the entire three-hour Facebook live event or just drop in for a module or two! Either way, you’ll receive tools and tips to create a healthy, balanced life. Discover how to choose well, keep your yeses in check, and live happier in your wonderful, others-focused life.

Boundary Building Modules

Renee Burkett Boundary Building for Sensitive SoulsToo Many Yeses Got Me in Some Messes

If your sensitivity to the needs or wants of others makes you a go-to for listening, caring, and saying yes—even to your own detriment—get tools and build boundaries to create better life balance.

Mark Brunke, Youth Pastor at Greenridge Baptist ChurchA Million Choices and a Million Voices: Choosing My Next Step

Whether you feel overwhelmed by options, pressured by the expectations of others, or stuck waiting for a sign, decision-making can be crippling.  If it’s hard for you to discover your own opinions and then give them a voice, you’re not alone.  At the end of this session, you’ll have tools to process the choices ahead of you and step forward with confidence in the real world.

Christy Brunke, author of Snow Out of SeasonBaby Steps to Meet Your Biggest Goals

Do you dream of starting a blog, writing a book, or remodeling your house? Whether your aspirations are practical or imaginative, finding the time to pursue them can be problematic. Learn how to break your big goals into baby steps to make them achievable, even amidst a busy life. After this session, you will have the tools you need to start turning your dreams into reality.

Renee Burkett Boundary Building for Sensitive SoulsStaying True to Your Inner You

Like chameleons, we can easily morph for others. Our inner sensitivity and compassion are gifts. And they can be a gift for us too! At the end of this module, you will recognize—when chameleon opportunities come—how to stay true to you.


  • 1:00: Too Many Yeses Got Me in Some Messes (with Renée Burkett)
  • 2:00: A Million Voices and a Million Choices: Choosing My Next Step (with Mark Brunke)
  • 2:30: Baby Steps to Meet Your Biggest Goals (with me)
  • 3:00: Staying True to Your Inner You (with Renée Burkett)

This event is perfect for teens and adults as well as tweens with a parent. Ready to join us? Sign-up for this free event here!


2 thoughts on “Boundary Building for Sensitive Souls

  1. Hi Christy-I’ve tried to send you an email but it keeps bouncing back…? Just wanted to thank you for thinking of me for this. I’m actually attending another online event on Saturday with the WM leadership team. I will try to join in to catch some of yours if I’m not too fried after the first one. 😊

    • Hi, Sue! 🙂 Oh no! Which e-mail address did you send it to? Thank you for getting back to me and letting me know! 🙂 How did your online event go?!? 🙂 P.S. Sorry for my delayed response–I just saw your comment! Apparently, I need to check this website’s comments more frequently. 😉 Thank you for all you do!!! 🙂

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