Nancy Holec, a Once-in-a-Lifetime Friend

Nancy Holec, Christy Brunke's once-in-a-lifetime friend

Me with Nancy Holec, my once-in-a-lifetime friend.

Once or twice in a lifetime, you might meet a friend who rivals the relationship Anne of Green Gables has with Diana Barry.

A friend who celebrates your wins and mourns your losses with more enthusiasm than you do.

Who brings life to everything and everyone around her. Who is so unique and incredible that she inspires a beloved character in a bestselling novel.

A friend who asks if she can come over when she’s already parked outside. Who makes everything more fun. Who intervenes when you’re being too much of a perfectionist.

Christy Brunke with her lifetime friend Nancy Holec

Me with my friends Angela, Georgina, and Nancy at the Pop-Out Party Nancy planned when I first started showing.

A friend who helps bring you together with your one true love. Who is more passionate about planning your wedding than you are. Who recommends Rose of Sharon seeds as your favors and later discovers they grow into 10-foot-high shrubs that multiply profusely.

A friend who loves to help you decorate your starter home and becomes ecstatic when you find your dream home. Who can pick just the right pillows to go with your living room decor. Who might shock you by suggesting you buy a zebra print rug to go under your ottoman.

A friend who shows up with baby clothes and shrieks of excitement an hour after you tell her you’re pregnant. Who takes monthly pictures of your belly and sends weekly updates about how big your baby is now. Who arrives at the gender reveal party–before she knows the sex–with a huge “Baby Girl” balloon.

All the while, she is a friend who has been longing for a child of her own, but has been unable to have one. Who later adopts an endearing boy they name Isaac after the promised child. Who later births two beautiful babies and becomes an amazing mom to three kids three and under.

Mom with three three and under.

Nancy with her three adorable children.

In Nancy Holec, I have found that once-in-a-lifetime friend. I am so glad she was born 34 years ago on this day. If you think she’s pretty exceptional too, post a birthday wish in the comments!


9 thoughts on “Nancy Holec, a Once-in-a-Lifetime Friend

  1. WOW! I love how you honor your exceptional friend! She is an amazing friend whom I miss dearly! Happy Birthday Nancy!

  2. Such beautiful words to describe your friend. Women friendships are such a gift from God. I loved reading about your and Nancy’s special moments. May Hid continue to richly bless your relationship! Happy Birthday Nancy!

  3. Well said Christy. She is one of s kind. Thanks for being the kind of friend who flies in from out of town just to take her out for birthday dinner. That’s pretty special.

  4. You both are amazing and Godly women, and I am so happy y’all share this wonderful friendship. Happy Birthday Nancy! I love you both ♡

    • Love you too, Katrina!!! 🙂 I have many fond memories of the three of us at Thai Oak Park (until that fateful day ;-)), working together in the church office, and going to home group together at Nancy’s house. Motherhood looks good on you! 🙂

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