Our Preschooler’s Best Quotes from 2015

It’s that time of year again when we look back at my preschooler’s best quotes from the year before! Our oldest daughter, Michaela, turned four in August. Here’s some of her sweetest, funniest, and most profound comments from January to December, many of them about her baby sister “Beanie” who turned one in June. 

Our preschooler best quotes from 2015 Michaela Brunke


As I was getting the girls ready for bed one night, Angelina started fussing, and Michaela said, “Night-night’s almost done, Beanie. Mommy only has two hands.” 

In August, Michaela had nightmares about her baby sister. One night, she woke up yelling, “She’s got the cup without the lid!”  

One day, Michaela went to the doctor’s office with Grandma Angie. When the nurse left the room, Michaela said, “We have to tell her about the song that Daddy sings—the ‘Go Tell It On the Mountain’ song—so she can spread the word that Jesus Christ is born!” 

Auntie Faye, a sweet dynamo from our former church, gave Michaela lollipops with crickets and scorpions inside. As we were looking at them one day, I told Michaela that scorpions can sting people.  
“Crickets are the nicest bugs that you’ve ever seen so you can be their best friend,” she said. “But scorpions are the baddest bugs so you do NOT want to be best friends with them.” 


Our preschooler best quotes from 2015 Michaela Brunke


When the girls got home from Grandma Necie’s house one morning, I commented on the cute barrette in Beanie’s hair.  

Michaela pointed a finger at me and said, “You cannot tell her, or she will know it is there!” 

“My words exactly!” Grandma Necie later said. 


“Beanie, you can either give me the crackers or stop spilling them,” Michaela told her sister in the car one day. “Those are your options.” 


“Mommy, what was your favorite part of the day?” Michaela asked me at dinner one night.

“Snuggling on the couch with you and reading stories,” I said. “And making a cake with you—that was really fun.”

“No,” she said, holding up her finger. “You’re not supposed to do two things. Just one. Now we have to start over.”


“One day, Michaela was wearing a red Thomas the Train shirt with green lettering. “I wish you had a Thomas the Train shirt, so we could be best friends,” she said to me. “Do you have a red or blue or green shirt?”

“I think I have all three.”

“Great! Then tomorrow, you can wear the red shirt, then you can wear the green shirt, and then you can wear the blue shirt, so we can be best friends for a long time.”


Four-year-old Michaela Lynn Brunke October 2015 at playground

Photo by Becca Ebersole Doring

“Where can we get a baby brother?” Michaela asked Mark one day.

“Mommy and Daddy and God can try to make one, and just like Mommy was pregnant with Bean, she’d try to have a baby boy.”

“Oh, yeah!” Michaela yelled, jumping on the couch. “Let’s do that.”

“Why?” Mark asked.

“Because we have three girls and one boy, and we need another boy.”

Mark grinned. “If we have another baby, we might find out it’s a baby girl.”

“Oh, no,” Michaela said. “That would be too many girls.”


One morning, I told Michaela about Pat Matthews, an amazing woman of God from our church who had just passed away. 

Later that day, Mark told Michaela they were going to a funeral. “Someone at our church, that I don’t think you know, died. That’s sad, right?”

Two-year-old Michaela Brunke with baby sister Angelina Brunke“No,” Michaela said. “That’s happy.”

“Why is that happy?”

“Because she gets to play with Jesus.”

Those are our preschooler’s best quotes from 2015! Which one’s your favorite? Comment below! Want more of our preschooler’s best quotes? Check out “Top Ten Michaela Quotes from 2014!”


39 thoughts on “Our Preschooler’s Best Quotes from 2015

  1. #1 for sure! And she’s totally right! Pat M. would love playing with Jesus! She also loved serving little ones, so that comment would just bless her heart!

  2. Michaela is so funny & smart. I loved all the quotes. So I can’t choose just one. Kids say the darnest things. Love, Auntie Faye

  3. Love#8 Go Tell It On The Moutain! Spread the word baby girl! I sing to my new baby granddaughter and I’m adding that to our hit list! Thanks Michaela for reminding me that little minds are sponges and out of babes comes the truth!

  4. They were all amazing! What an intelligent and lovely young lady, God bless her! She is truly reflecting mom and dad’s example of love and grace, but since I have to pick one, I pick #1. This brought tears in my eyes! 😌

  5. It was a toss up between #1 and #8, but I’ve gotta go with #8. Love that she is thinking about evangelism. Way to be good models! 🙂

  6. My favorite is #1 for sure. Because I know that is exactly what Pat is doing and she would have loved to hear it described that way.

  7. Beanie, you can either give me the crackers or stop spilling them. Those are your options.
    Such a cute quote.She sounds like Miss Mommy.

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