New Contemporary Fiction Releases

Whether you love fantasy or women’s fiction, there’s a new contemporary fiction release for you! (Tweet that!) See a book you’d like to order? Just click on the book cover! (This post contains affiliate links. As a result, if you buy something through one, I may earn a commission to help support this site—at no cost to you.)

New Contemporary Fiction release: The Genesis Tree

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The Revisionary speculative fiction novel by Kristin Hogrefe

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New Contemporary Fiction releases by Christian authors

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The Genesis Tree by Heather L.L. FitzGerald

Deception is rampant, the enemy is subtle, and love dares to tug at Sadie’s heart amid the turmoil that forces her and her family back to the Tethered World below. (Speculative/Contemporary Fantasy from Mountain Brook Ink)

The Revisionary by Kristen Hogrefe

Revisionary or rogue? To rescue her brother, Portia might have to break every rule in the book she set out to rewrite. (Speculative from Write Integrity Press)

All Things Now Living by Rondi Bauer Olson

Her whole life Amy has been taught the people of New Lithisle deserve to die, but when she falls for Daniel, she determines to save him. (Young Adult from Written World Communications)

Coming Home Tiny House Collection with multiple authors

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new contemporary fiction releases

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Coming Home – A Tiny House Collection by Yvonne Anderson, Michael Ehret, Kimberli S. McKay, Pamela S. Meyers, Ane Mulligan, Chandra Lynn Smith, Linda W. Yezak

Tiny houses are all the rage these days, but what can you do with something so small? Here are seven stories about people chasing their dreams, making fresh starts, finding love, stumbling upon forgiveness, and embarking upon new adventures in tiny houses. (General Contemporary, Independently Published)

Katie’s Quest by Lee Carver

Katie Dennis hopes for fulfillment as a single missionary nurse after the death of her fiancé. She trusts God for a new direction, but she’ll never fall for a pilot again. (General Contemporary, Independently Published)

Redemption’s Whisper by Kathleen Friesen

Desperate to escape her past, a suicidal young woman flies from Toronto to a Saskatoon pastor’s home, the only people who may be able to help her. If only someone could love her, in spite of all she’s done. On the flight, she meets a young man torn between seeking affirmation in the big city and helping his parents in Saskatoon. Can these two troubled souls gain the peace they need—and in the process, find love? (Women’s Contemporary from White Rose Publishing [Pelican])

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