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My second book, When Losses Become Legacies: Memoirs on Grief, God, and Glory, is now available! Click here to order or learn more! Read on to enter our book giveaway!

Accolades from Other Authors

When Losses Become Legacies autographed book giveaway contest“A type of resurrection awaits you in these pages.” ~Dr. Mollie Bond, professor, nonprofit professional, and author of Hopelessly Hopeful During Separation

“Brunke and Cowan guide readers through a deep labyrinth of life’s grief and gloom, up toward a horizon of hope—Jesus’ empty tomb. When Losses Become Legacies offers a touching anthology of tragedies, delivering a peace that passes understanding.” ~Eric T. Eichinger, senior pastor of Bethel Lutheran Church, Clearwater, Florida, and award-winning author of Lord of Legends and The Final Race

“Through true-life stories ranging from postpartum depression to grief associated with the loss of a relationship, a loved one, a dream, and beyond, these authors weave the silver and gold of hope and healing through Jesus Christ into otherwise dark and dismal landscapes. I recommend this jewel box of a book to anyone who has found themselves in a dark valley and in need of light.” ~Linda Brooks Davis, award-winning author of The Calling of Ella McFarland

“The personal and heartfelt testimonies in When Losses Become Legacies beautifully exemplify how to turn ashes into beauty on the difficult paths each of us must walk. Through poignant stories and steady reliance on God, readers will see how to let their lights shine in the darkness for the illumination of all.” ~Sandra Byrd, bestselling, award-winning author of The One Year Experiencing God’s Love Devotional

Praise from Pastors and a Professional Counselor

“Brunke and Cowan have dared to engage our souls at the place where believers and doubters meet at the same agonizing intersection—suffering. Their writing urges us to look for the irreplaceable presence of Jesus on the difficult journey we each will eventually walk through in our seasons of personal pain and loss. Their words and stories are compelling and filled with hope as we find our footing on the solid rock.” ~Tim Simpson, pastor of congregational care, Greenridge Baptist Church, Maryland, and former president of the Baptist Convention of Maryland/Delaware

“In their memoirs, Brunke and Cowan invite us to journey with them, bearing witness to grief and loss they have known. The testimonies are beautiful and sorrowful, inspirational and encouraging. Their losses are indeed legacies.” ~Nive Christodoss, licensed clinical professional counselor and certified clinical trauma professional at In Step Behavioral Health

“I recommend this book to anyone who is seeking hope in what may feel like a hopeless situation.” ~Dr. John C. Palmieri, pastor and coach at New Life Community Church, Chicago

Book Giveaway

Want to receive a free autographed copy of our book, mailed to you or the person of your choice? Follow the steps below for a chance to win!

Amazon logo1) Read our book by June 8.

2) Review it on Amazon.

3) Comment below by June 8.

4) Winner announced here on June 9!


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  2. The book was such a wonderful read – it was done well by both authors – I felt like a part of each story – it was hard to put the book down especially when I was at a good point !! Loved the way they both weaved the gospel of Jesus Christ through each story !!!

  3. This was a wonderful book – there were so many beautiful stories that were relatable – the characters were well developed and I felt like I was in the story feeling the pain of the losses but through the losses came victory through Jesus Christ – the gospel was weaves beautifully by both authors throughout the stories !!

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