A Novel for Widows: Party of One

Did you know loneliness increases your risk of dying early? (Tweet that!) Perhaps no one understands this better than those who have lost a spouse to death or divorce. Award-winning author Clarice James can relate. After 23 years of marriage, her husband passed away. In her latest release, a straight-laced widow steps out of her comfort zone to start a dinner club for single strangers. Learn more about this new novel for widows below!

Novel Synopsis

Party of One, a novel for widowsTwo years after her beloved husband dies, Annie McGee returns to their favorite restaurant. After the waitress discovers Annie’s alone, she moves her to the bar and forgets to take her order. 

Humiliated, Annie flees and backs out of the parking lot right into a state policeman’s SUV. Lonelier than ever, Annie returns home and settles for cereal and Jeopardy.

A week later, Annie tries a new restaurant called Cranberry Fare. She’s seated by the fireplace and treated to magazines, delicious food, and attentive service. 

As she notices several other single diners there, she decides to start a dinner club called Party of One. At first determined to only see these new friends on Fridays, she soon gets way more than she bargained for. 

After several online dating disasters, she starts falling for two men who could hardly be more different. But they’re not the only ones pursuing Annie McGee’s heart. 

My Thoughts

Clarice G. James

Party of One is a heartwarming story about finding love again in the most unexpected places. (Tweet that!) Endearing, eccentric characters spring off the page making it bittersweet to finally bid them goodbye.  Add to that the candor and comedy I’ve come to expect from Clarice G. James, and you won’t want to put this book down. 

I recommend this book to women who enjoy humor, romance and contemporary fiction. Though men, young adults, and married women (like me!) enjoy it too, I especially suggest it to middle-aged and up singles and widows.

Want to learn more about this novel for widows? Check out our interview here! 


25 thoughts on “A Novel for Widows: Party of One

  1. Sounds like an enjoyable and fun read!!! I’ve never read anything by this author so that makes it even more exciting. I love “discovering” new authors. Thanks for the chance to win.

  2. Excellent blog interview by Christy, but she had substantive material to work with. Clarice’s book is a solid, page-turning novel that’s just plain FUN to read. I highly recommend it.

    And in real life, Clarice married the right guy! He too knows how to laugh, and I love being with the two of them.

    Please help Clarice make waves of laughter with this novel.

  3. Love the review…. If I win, I would read and gift this to my dear friend, Mary Beth who lost her dear husband 12 years ago due to an automobile accident. She is ready for a relationship…. just now and this book sounds WONDERFUL !!!! thanks !!!

  4. This sounds like a good read. I have been divoiced many yrs. so I know,all about being single and trying to date again and it’s tough. And being a Christian makes it even harder .

    • Hi Tina, the stories and characters in Party of One seem to resonate will all kinds of people, married or single! You’re sure to find a character or two who sounds like someone you’ve met.

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