How Our Good Father Guides

How deep the Father's love for us song

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On my way to the library last month, I was praying about what song to sing for my next church solo when God surprised me with His immediate answer (Tweet that!).

I’d been scheduled to sing on Father’s Day, so I’d considered “How Deep the Father’s Love For Us.” Not only was it appropriate for the day, but I’d sung it as special music before, so it wouldn’t take long to prepare. 

But, ultimately, I wanted the Lord to choose the song. I asked Him to lead me to the one of His choosing.

His Answer

After I finished praying, I turned on the radio. At first I didn’t recognize the song playing, but then Chris Tomlin started singing the chorus of “Good, Good Father.” I smiled and thanked Jesus for His instant answer.  

That song had been ministering to me for weeks, and I couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it myself. But even when we’re blinded by the busyness of our lives, our good Father still guides. 

His Confirmation

How Our Good Father Guides Christy Brunke singingAfter working awhile, I took a walk and called my friend Lynn, who coordinates the special music schedule for our church. 

She asked me if I’d decided on a song for Father’s Day yet. Before I even had time to answer, she blurted out, “Have you considered ‘Good, Good Father?'”

I laughed and shared my testimony from earlier that day. She then shared hers.

As she was mowing the grass, she was praying about what song I should do. Then the Lord sang the lyrics to “Good, Good Father” in her ear. 

Since God was speaking in stereo that day, I started preparing the song He’d chosen for Father’s Day. 

Our good Father guides us in many different ways. Has He ever answered your prayer or confirmed His will for you in an obvious or immediate way? If so, share your story below!


2 thoughts on “How Our Good Father Guides

  1. First of all, great song choice and great job.
    The Lord has spoken to me through the Carolina Wren more than once. While asking Him about something (I can’t remember what it’s been so long ) the bird appeared to me meaning a positive answer to my question. Being a bit insecure at that answer, I asked Him ‘are you sure?’ I was in a basement where as soon as I got the words out of my mouth a wren dropped into the window well and bounced all around so wildly that I couldn’t stop laughing. Okay, okay God, I’ll stop asking. I smile and feel God’s strong love every time He crosses my path with a Carolina Wren.
    Thanks for sharing.

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