Michaela Brunke: Top Ten Quotes from 2016

As we begin a new year, I love to look back at our daughter’s best quotes from the year before [tweet that!]. Michaela Brunke turned five in August, and you can find her quotes from 2015 here and from 2014 here. From January to December 2016, here are Michaela’s cutest, cleverest, and most comical comments.

Michaela Lynn Brunke kindergarten picture from Fall 2016

Photo by Lifetouch School Portraits.


When Mark walks Michaela to her bus stop for kindergarten, he often tells her Bible stories. One morning, he was describing what happened in Genesis 1 and 2 when Michaela said, “Wait! These people sound a lot like Adam and Eve.”


After I made Michaela popcorn one day, she said, “I think you’re the best mom ever and so cool that you need a reward.” A few minutes later, she brought me a Tinker Bell figurine. “I got the perfect reward for you!”


Michaela Brunke with sister in pajamas and sunglassesIn April, Michaela was sitting in her chair holding a bunch of balls. One ball fell out, and she yelled, “Assistant!”

Her one-year-old sister “Beanie” quickly retrieved the ball.

“Thank you, assistant!” Michaela said in her best magician’s voice.


At Vacation Bible School this past summer, Michaela learned a lot about Jesus. Unfortunately, she got a couple things confused about His death and resurrection. “Jesus died in the road,” she told me, “and fairies visited His tomb.” 


This summer, my brother Tim and his wife Natalie got a Newfoundland puppy and named him Neville. One day, Aunt Natalie was showing Michaela pictures of Neville on her phone. When they came to one where Natalie was cradling Neville, Michaela said, “Did Neville come from your tummy?”


I featured a ballerina in my novel and took dance lessons as a child, but Michaela’s more into superheroes than princesses. In January, our friends invited us to see the American Ballet Theater perform Sleeping Beauty. Ten minutes into the show, Michaela said, “When is it going to be over?”


In November, Pop and Grandma Necie treated the Brunke Bunch to a trip to Disney World. While we were there, we saw a musical called the Voyage of the Little Mermaid. “It’s sad that Ariel had to leave her Mommy and Daddy to be with the man,” Michaela said afterwards. “She should’ve stayed with her Mommy and Daddy.”


Our first winter after we moved to Maryland, we got three feet of snow.

“Look, Beanie,” Michaela told her sister the day before the blizzard. “The big snow is coming tomorrow and the second day.” She pointed outside. “But there’s some snow I got you to hold us over.”


After a day at Vacation Bible School, Michaela told Beanie the story of the prodigal son. “He spent all his money on food, drink, and adult toys.” 


One night in January, Michaela was outside with Pop and Necie.

“Look!” Michaela said. “It’s like half a moon!”

“Yeah,” Grandma Necie said. “It’s a half-moon tonight.”

“Quick! Let’s find the other half!”

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5 thoughts on “Michaela Brunke: Top Ten Quotes from 2016

  1. Loved the call for her “Assistant !” Lol! Little sisters are good for so many important reasons. My eldest daughter was always able to make things sound fun to her sister, who is 3 1/2 years younger. One particular day, they decided it would be so much fun to “ride down the stairs in a wash basket!” Her sister was thrilled to accompany her on the adventure (who knows where mommy was…I’ll just hope daddy was in charge that day and mommy was grocery shopping…it makes me feel better. Lol!) Fortunately we had a split foyer so the ride was only 6 or so steps and didn’t result in any injury. They waited a few years to tell me about it so that by this time I wouldn’t have a heart attack. One of our best memories of sister fun…and no injuries !

    I really loved ALL of your stories and brought back memories of my two when they were young. Now they are 26 and 29….time flies, so enjoy every moment. Having two girls was such a joy and adventure for us because we both grew up with two brothers.

    • Me too! 🙂 I have two younger brothers, whom I love dearly, but I love having two daughters!!! 🙂 (And I get to love on some adorable little boys every Cousins Day!!! :-)) Thank you for the reminder to cherish every moment!!! 🙂

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