Who’s This? Enter to Win a Book!

This week, we continue celebrating the one-year anniversary of When Losses Become Legacies! The deadline for the first book giveaway has passed, but two more are coming up this Sunday and next. Keep reading to discover last week’s winner as well as how to enter to win a book in this week’s contest.

Who's This? Enter to Win an Autographed Book


Last Week’s Giveaway Quotes and Winner

In honor of Mother’s Day, last week’s giveaway focused on honoring our mothers. My co-author and I asked entrants to submit sentences that captured their moms. Here are some of the responses we received via Facebook and Instagram:

“MY MOM IS ADVENTUROUS!” ~Lynn Blatzheim

“She made you feel like you were the only person in the room.” ~Leesa Thacker Payne

“I was an oops baby, yet my mother was caring, disciplined and loving and shared so much of her talents with me from cooking to sewing to crafts.” ~Janis Schaefer Reggio

“My Mother defied the boundaries of love, creating a universe where anything was possible!” ~Sheila Robertson

“Gone.” ~Sammy Bateman

“My mother was a great loving person. Her children were her first interest. She loved God and the world.” ~Virginia Woodard

“ONE WORD …………………………. SPONTANEOUS!” ~Lynn Blatzheim

“My Mom was strong, loving, always putting us three children ahead of herself, raising us mostly on her own as a single, divorced lady all the while instilling within us God’s grace, mercies, and love.” ~Juli Hawkins

Thank you so much, ladies, for sharing about your extra-special mamas! And the winner is . . . Juli Hawkins!

Juli, message me your address, and my co-author will send you your autographed book!

Who’s This? Enter to Win a Book!

This week’s giveaway challenges you to name the person in the picture below and how he’s related to our book. Enter by this Sunday, May 21, through commenting on this blog or on one of my Facebook or Instagram posts.

Who's This? Enter to Win an Autographed Book


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