Three Chances to Win an Autographed Book!

This month, my second book—When Losses Become Legacies—turns one! To celebrate, my co-author and I are offering you three chances to win an autographed book. Each giveaway centers on a theme that requires your feedback. In honor of Mother’s Day this Sunday, the first theme recognizes our moms.

Denise Litzau Michaela Brunke Christy Brunke Angelina Brunke

Me with my mom and daughters seven years ago. Photo by Ben Stafford.

Three Opportunities to Win an Autographed Book

May 14: Honoring Mom

Submit one sentence that captures your mom.

May 21: Who’s That?

Name the person in an image we’ll share and explain how he or she is related to our book of memoirs.

May 28: Write a Review

If you win, you’ll let us know what you think of Legacies on Goodreads or Amazon. (We’ll follow up with you once you read the book.) Want your name entered twice? Write a review on Goodreads or Amazon by May 28.

Below and in future blogs, I’ll give more information about each upcoming giveaway. I’ll also announce the winners of the previous ones. Keep reading to learn more about the first opportunity to win!

A Giveaway to Honor Mom

This week’s contest honors our moms. Between now and Mother’s Day, submit one sentence that captures your mama. Whether she’s here or on the other side of time, we want to hear about her distinctive qualities. To enter, comment below or on my Facebook or Instagram posts. Then like my Facebook or Instagram post and share it with a friend. I’ll announce the winner next week.

A Giveaway to Honor Mom win a book

Legacies is a compilation of memoirs that hinges on the soul-stretching power of grief, how it brings us closer to God, and the role it all plays in glory. Find it in print or as an eBook in many online stores. You can also borrow the eBook on Hoopla or Libby!

Click here to buy or borrow Legacies!



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