Carhart Was Aborting Fully Formed Babies on the Lord’s Day. We Couldn’t Keep Letting That Happen.

Near Dr. Carhart’s clinic, my husband and I praying and carrying signs with some of the youth from our church. (Photo credit: Lucy Monroy)

In 2015, our family moved to central Maryland, where my husband was stepping into a new role as the youth and young adult pastor at Greenridge Baptist Church. As we met members of our new church family, I was horrified to learn what was happening less than four miles away.

LeRoy Carhart flew in every Sunday to end the lives of unborn babies just months or weeks from their due date. (Tweet that!)

Along with clinics in California, Colorado, and New Mexico, Germantown Reproductive Health Services performed third-trimester abortions. Even a woman in her ninth month could end her child’s life through abortion…. Continue reading on


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