When We Can’t Protect Our Children

As parents, we yearn to protect our children. We want to help them dodge everything from bee stings to a broken heart. Above all, we want to protect them from the really bad things like cancer and car crashes. But sometimes we can’t.

protect our children from bee stings and bad men

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“Can I touch bees?” My two-year-old daughter asked as we read a book about bugs.  

“No, honey,” I said. “They might sting you.” 

“Why?” (Her favorite question these days.)

“They might think you’re trying to hurt them.”

She snuggled closer. “But you will protect me from bees?”

When We Can't Protect Our Children Michaela BrunkeMy mommy heart swelled and I wanted to say, “Yes, I’ll protect you from bees. Yes, I’ll protect you from cancer and kidnappers and car crashes. Yes, I’ll protect you from bullies and betrayals and a broken heart.”

But Mark and I decided never to lie to our children, so the best I could do was squeeze her tight and say, “I’ll try. Mommy will tell you to wear your shoes outside, because, if you go barefoot, you might step on a bee.”

“Or I can wear my slippers?” she said, in her cute toddler voice.

“Shoes would be better.” I kissed her cheek. “And, if I see a bee around you, I’ll run you away.”

The One Who Can Protect Our Children

Unfortunately, we can’t protect our tots, tweens, or teenagers from every danger. But we can pray to the One who can. We can place our kids into the hands of the One who gave His only begotten Son—is there a greater sacrifice?—that we might be called the children of God.

He can protect them from bees. And bad men. And broken hearts.

And when He doesn’t?

He can work all things together for their good and ours (Romans 8:28).

Romans 8:28 "All things work together for good."

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Jesus never promised this life would be trouble-free.

In fact, in John 16:33, He promised the opposite: “In this world you will have trouble.”

But right afterwards, He says, “Take heart! I have overcome this world.”

Even though in this world we will sometimes have trouble, there will be none in the next.

God is preparing a place of ultimate protection for us, and for our children who believe, where He will wipe every tear from our eyes. There will be no more death. No more sorrow. No more bee stings.


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