New Christian Fiction: Romance, Thriller, & Mystery

Love Christian fiction? Then check out these new romance, thriller, and mystery novels! See one you want to read? Just click on the book cover to order! (This post contains affiliate links. As a result, if you buy something through one, I may earn a commission to help support this site—at no cost to you.)

Contemporary Romance

new Christian fiction Restoring Love by Jennifer Slattery

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Restoring Love by Jennifer Slattery

Mitch, a contractor and house-flipper, is restoring a beautiful old house in an idyllic Midwestern neighborhood. Angela, a woman filled with regrets and recently transplanted to his area, is anything but idyllic.

As Mitch struggles to keep his business afloat, and Angela works to correct the mistakes of her past, these two unlikely friends discover they have something unexpected in common—a young mom fighting to give her children a better life after her husband’s incarceration.

While both Mitch and Angela are drawn to help this young mother survive, they also find themselves drawn to each other. Will a lifetime of regrets hold them back from redemption and true love?

Romance Grows in Arcadia Valley Arcadia Valley Romance

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Romance Grows in Arcadia Valley Novellas Collection

Is love possible for a makeshift mom and a handsome widower? What about a bed and breakfast owner and the farmer next door? A curvy jilted bride and a mysterious, handsome chef?

Then there’s the real estate consultant and the grandson of her elderly client, a high-powered lawyer and a woman farmer, and a formerly engaged couple. Can love make a difference in their lives?

Exploring food, friends, and family in Arcadia Valley, each of these novellas kicks off a three-book series, intertwined with the works of the other authors. This collection is only the beginning of your adventure.

Supernatural Thriller

new Christian fiction Fatal Accusation by Rachel Dylan

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Fatal Accusation by Rachel Dylan

Attorney Olivia Murray hopes her life in Windy Ridge will get back to normal after a hard-fought trial. But she soon finds out that the forces of evil have not given up. An embezzling scandal rocks the community church to its core.

The New Age groups are ready to declare victory when a high-profile prosecutor files criminal charges against the local pastor. However, Olivia is not willing to give up on the community she’s come to love. She takes on the defense pro bono knowing it could destroy her career, but it’s a case she is called to defend.

The battle will be fierce, but she’s not fighting it alone. Her friend and fellow attorney Grant Baxter is by her side. Olivia must use all the tools in her arsenal to combat those who seek to destroy the believers in the community. If Olivia can’t prove the pastor’s innocence, more than her career is on the line. The entire community of Windy Ridge could fall to the forces of darkness.

Historical Mystery

Murder on the Moor by Julianna Deering

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Murder on the Moor by Julianna Deering

Drew and Madeline Farthering visit the Yorkshire moor to catch a killer and solve a mystery that involves an old feud, a new rivalry and a huge, spectral hound that may or may not be a harbinger of death.

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